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Fave Top Coats

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Nail polish top coats are a tricky bunch. Some don’t dry fast enough and leave you with smudged nails. Others dry fast but leave you with tip shrinkage. Not cool! After much frustration I have found my Holy Grail top coats…

The first is Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Top Coat ($6.99.) This is a fast drying topcoat with an extremely shiny finish. It takes only a minute to dry and is rock hard after four minutes. This is a great top coat to use for stamping, no smearing your design. I have also found that my manicures last longer when using this top coat.


HKGirl Jan15_edited-1


The second top coat is Butter London’s Matte Finish Top Coat ($19.00.) This top coat will actually turn any nail polish matte. There is no white streaking when using this polish, unlike others I have tried. The best part is that it dries quickly and your manicure will last. I love the way a glitter jelly polish looks when it is turned matte.


Matte nails Jan15_edited-1


What are your favorite top coats? Has anyone tried and loved these as much as I do?

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